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Hydrology of Western Nebraska

The Hydrology of Western Nebraska project saught to update geologic interpretation of the Ogallala and Arikaree Formations (Aquifers) through the use of oil and gas well geophysical logs to add to the existing datasets. This was a joint project between SPNRD, NPNRD, TPNRD, and the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission managed by ARI. It was funded through grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust and Local NRD Match where ARI and the UNL Conservation and Survey Division completed the work. The project scanned 14,434 logs and evaluated 15,421 logs for aquifer information. It was determined that out of those there were 2,902 logs that had aquifer information and a total of 3,932 logs with potential aquifer information. The result of the project was a revised surface of the base of the High Plains Aquifer in teh Southern Panhandle of Nebraska that can be used in future modeling efforts and contributed to the digitization and ease of access to the oil and gas logs across the state.

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